Clockwork Tech

Clockwork technology is the most primitive of all the fields of technology. It works by gears, pulleys, levers and triggers making the item function. Generally, this is done by winding the device, which gives it the pressure it needs to function.

Devices: for the clockwork engineer each point in engineering (starting with d4) allows the engineer to enhance one device with his skills. If the item is ever lost or stolen he may create a new device, though the previous one fails to work if he somehow reclaims it.

Creating a device takes 8 hours, and a successful engineering check. On a raise the work is accomplished in half the time. He may create the following additions:

Auto Loader: you have figured out how to add a multichamber to your firearm. Whether this is a revolver, clip or something more intricate is up to you. Handguns can be made to hold up to 6 rounds, rifles 4, and shotguns 2.
Sight: When you use the aim maneuver you add a +1 to hit.

Melee Weapons
Spring loaded: you spring out your weapon, granting you a +1 to reach for one round. This advancement may be used 3 times before it must be resprung.
Cleaver: The weapon can swing back and forth erratically allowing for an extra attack at nearby foes. You may activate this ability to benefit from sweep for one round. This advancement may be used 1 time before the device must be resprung.


Clockwork Tech

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